Lifetime Cooler Vs Ozark Trail 2023: What Is The Best For You

Lifetime Cooler Vs Ozark Trail 2023 What Is The Best For You
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In the heat of summer, it’s tough to stay cool. Can you invest in a Lifetime Cooler Vs Ozark Trail? Which one is the better buy? Let’s compare features and benefits to see which option is best for you.

The outside and inside walls of a Lifetime cooler are made of stainless steel. Besides that, the outside and inside walls of an Ozark cooler are made of plastic with metal frames. Lifetime is insulated on all six sides, so cold air stays inside and hot air stays outside. Ozark, on the other hand, is only insulated on one side, so it only has four cold-air inlets on one side.

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What is a Lifetime Cooler?

What is a Lifetime Cooler


Lifetime coolers are high-quality, durable coolers that are built to last. They are great for any outdoor activity, like picnics, camping, picnicking, or spending a day at the beach.

Lifetime coolers come in a range of sizes and styles to meet your needs. They also have a number of useful features, such as built-in cup holders, drain plugs, and handles that are set into the body of the cooler.

Lifetime coolers can also be stacked, so you can store more than one in the same area.


  • The Lifetime Cooler is one of the most affordable coolers on the market.
  • It is made of high-quality materials that make it durable and long lasting.
  • The cooler has a spacious interior that can accommodate a lot of food and drinks.
  • It has a drain plug that makes it easy to clean and empty.
  • The cooler has a strong and sturdy handle that makes it easy to carry.


  • Lifetime Coolers are not cheap.
  • They are not as durable as some of the other brands on the market.
  • They do not have as many features as some of the other brands on the market.

What is the Ozark Trail?

What is the Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail is a brand of outdoor equipment and apparel owned by Walmart. The company was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Ozark Trail offers a wide range of products for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The company’s product line includes tents, sleeping bags, coolers, backpacks, and more.

The brand is a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking for quality outdoor gear. The company’s products are available at Walmart stores and online at


  • Ozark Trail is a great brand for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • The brand offers various products, including tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks.
  • Ozark Trail products are available at many retailers, making them easy to find and purchase.
  • The products are typically very durable and long-lasting.


  • The tents are not very sturdy and often break easily
  • The sleeping bags are not very warm
  • The camp chairs are uncomfortable
  • The coolers are not very good at keeping things cold
  • The lanterns are not very bright

Ozark Trail vs Lifetime Coolers: Features in Common

Ozark Trail vs Lifetime Coolers Similarities

Lifetime Cooler and Ozark Trail are two coolers brands with a lot in common. Both brands offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect cooler for your needs.

These coolers look very similar, with only minor differences. They look very similar if you compare them side-by-side.

First, I will outline the positive features, and then we will look at the differences.

2-3 Inches of Insulation

Each cooler has around 2 inches of insulation in its walls and 2-3 inches in its lid. They can keep ice longer than regular coolers because of this insulation.

Rubber Gasket

These coolers have a rubber gasket around the lid. This seal helps keep warm air out and cold air inside the cooler. These coolers don’t have to be air-tight or leak-proof.

Rope Handles with Plastic Grips

Both coolers feature similar rope handles that have plastic grips and molded-in handles. Each brand’s smaller sizes have a pull-up metal handle with a rubber grip that allows for one-handed carrying.

Certified Bear Proof

These coolers can be locked with a padlock at the front to make them bear-proof. Bears cannot get inside these coolers when you go camping.

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Built-in Bottle Opener

Although it is a minor feature, I find this to be a very valuable feature. Both coolers have a front lock that doubles as a bottle opener. These coolers will always have a bottle opener, so you don’t have to worry about not having one.

Hose-Compatible Drain Plug

Both coolers come with a hose-compatible drain plug. You can attach a drain plug to your cooler to drain it from your campsite without moving it. This is a great feature.

Similar Sizes

Both coolers come in a similar size range.

  • Lifetime offers a 28-Quart (55-Quart), 55-Quart (77-Quart), and 77-Quart.
  • Ozark has a 26-Quart (52-Quart), 73-Quart (73-Quart), and 52-Quart (53-Quart). Ozark also offers a 110-Quart size and a 60-Quart wheeled model.

Similar Warranty

Each cooler comes with a 5-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any defect the cooler might have.

If there is a problem within five years, notify the manufacturer and send you a replacement cooler.

These warranties do not cover normal wear and tear or damage to your cooler from an accident.

Lifetime Coolers vs Ozark Trail: Which Cooler Is Better Value For Money?

Two of the best premium coolers available are the Ozark and Lifetime Coolers. They are both available at Walmart for an affordable price, but which cooler offers the best value for money?

Because they are frequently on sale, Lifetime coolers tend to be cheaper than Ozark coolers. However, Ozark coolers can be roto-molded, making them more durable than Lifetime coolers that are blow-molded.

This article will examine the differences and similarities between Lifetime and Ozark. It will help you choose which cooler to invest your money in if any.

Build Construction

Ozark Trail vs Lifetime Cooler Build Construction

Because they are roto-molded, Ozark coolers can withstand more abuse than Lifetime coolers. Lifetime coolers are blow-molded.

This means that Ozark is made of thicker plastic, which makes them more durable and less likely to be broken. While Ozark is stronger (they can withstand bear attacks), they are not as durable as Ozark.

The bear tested the cooler and ripped a large hole. This would not be possible with a rotomolded cooler.

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Even though they are tough enough to take on almost any challenge, lifetime coolers can still handle it. Ozark is probably a little more complicated, but it’s not by much.

According to some customers, Ozark coolers can also warp when exposed to the sun. Although this is not a major problem and is covered under warranty, it raises questions about the quality of their construction.

Ice Retention

There has yet to be a direct comparison of the ice retention between the Lifetime and Ozark coolers.

However, ice retention tests have been done on each one separately. It seems that the Lifetime coolers outperform the Ozark.

Below is a graphic that shows Lifetime’s test of their 55-Quart cooler compared to the Ozark 52 Quart.

Ice Retention Lifetime Coolers vs Ozark Trail

They claimed that Ozark held ice for only six days, 21hrs, while the Lifetime cooler held it for eight days, 7.5hrs.

The test was conducted by Lifetime and could have been biased. The 55-Quart Lifetime cooler has a larger capacity than the Ozark, so that it could have contained more ice. This would have skewed the results.

No matter what other tests have been done and customer reviews or reports, Lifetime will keep Ice slightly longer than Ozark.


The coolers are identical in price, but Lifetime coolers appear to be more affordable than Ozark.

The Lifetime 55 is cheaper than the Lifetime77 and costs less than $100. Even though the 28-Quart sizes are almost the same in price, the Lifetime 55 is less expensive than the Ozark.

This all depends on Walmart’s current price, which can change daily. Just a few days ago, Lifetime 77-Quart coolers weren’t on sale.

Sometimes, coolers from Ozark are cheaper on Amazon than on Walmart’s website. You can compare the prices of each cooler by linking up on Amazon and Walmart.

Differentiating Features

Lifetime vs Ozark Trail Cooler Differentiating Features

These coolers have a few unique features that make them stand out from one another. Although most of these features are unimportant, they can help you decide.

Rubber Latches

Both coolers feature pull-down rubber latches, but they work differently.

  • Ozark’s latches are designed to be pinned onto the cooler body and locked into place.
  • Lifetime’s latches offer a cam latch system that I love and find much easier to use.
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Cup Holders

The lids of Ozark are fitted with shallow cup holders.

My biggest complaint about my Yeti cooler, Lifetime, and Lifetime cup holders is that they don’t have them.

Ozark is, in fact, the only rotomolded cooler that has cup holders in its lid. This is a very nice feature.

The Lid Ruler

Ozark has a ruler built into the lid.

People fishing use this rule to measure their catch quickly. A nice little add-on.


  • The Ozark is available in two colors: a dark grey color with black accents and orange accents or a white color and black and orange accents.
  • Lifetime is only available in one color: grey with black and white accents.

Anti-Skid/Slide Feet

Both coolers can have feet that are both anti-skid and easy to slide.

  • This is Lifetime all in one. The cooler’s anti-skid feet will work when it is horizontal. If the cooler is tilted, lift one end of the non-slip feet off the ground.
  • The Ozark has a reversible, non-slip/slide foot. The feet must be manually removed, turned over, and re-screwed. It’s not something that you can do quickly, but it is possible to choose the type of feet you prefer.

Problems with Lifetime Coolers

Problems with Lifetime Coolers

I’ve written a long article about the problems with Lifetime. But I’ll also tell you about the most important problems you need to know about.

They aren’t as strong and leak-proof as other rotomolded coolers. The gaskets are often lost.

These coolers are also limited in size, do not come with wheels, and are only one color. These are minor issues, but they are still very affordable.

Problems with Ozark Trail Coolers

I have also written a detailed write-up about the problems with Ozark, but I will also highlight key issues.

Customers complaining of warping from the sun is the biggest problem. Although this is less noticeable when the cooler is moved into the shade, it can still cause warping.

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The Ozark doesn’t have as good an ice retention as other rotomolded coolers. Customers have mixed opinions about the Ozark. Some say it works well, while others complain that it melts too quickly. These tips will help you keep your cooler ice colder longer.

What Cooler Do I Recommend? Whichever One Is Cheapest

What Cooler Do I Recommend Whichever One Is Cheapest

Lifetime and Ozark are often on sale, so looking for these coolers at the lowest price is worth looking for them. On sale, you can get these coolers for as little as $10 to $50, and you can get the Lifetime 55 cooler at Walmart for less than $100.

Amazon and Walmart. Both coolers can be bought in-store at Walmart (if available stocks) or online at They can also be purchased through Amazon, and the prices frequently change on both sites.

Since prices change all the time, I can’t say that Amazon is always more expensive or that Walmart is always cheaper.

You can find the price of each cooler on the following links. Then, you can choose the most affordable one.

Other Coolers Similar To Lifetime or Ozark

Other Coolers Similar To Lifetime or Ozark

Many coolers look like Lifetime and Ozark, but there is no other option that is as affordable as I feel comfortable recommending.

1. For The Smaller Size – Nash Sub Z Cooler

A Nash Sub Z cooler is a smaller cooler option. The Nash Sub Z cooler is a little more expensive than Lifetime and Ozark, but it comes with a back support cushion.

This is one of my favorite small hard-sided coolers because it keeps ice very well.

2. Even More Budget – Coleman Xtreme 5-Day Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme 5-Day cooler is a more affordable option.

It’s not roto-molded and lacks many Ozark and Lifetime features like rubber latches and gaskets. It can store ice for up to five days and performs well as a cool.

This cooler is also half the cost, so it’s a great option to save money.

3. More Expensive But Nicer – RTIC

An RTIC is a good option if you are looking for something more luxurious than the Ozark or Lifetime, but you don’t want it to cost as much as a Yeti.

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These coolers are less expensive than Yeti but look almost identical and perform nearly as well. I recommend them because they make great coolers.

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FAQs about Lifetime Cooler and Ozark Trail

FAQs about Lifetime Cooler and Ozark Trail

Is Ozark Trail Cooler As Good as Yeti?

The Ozark cost is half as much as a Yeti cooler. They are also about half as expensive as Yeti. However, they are not as good as Yeti coolers. There are still some good features, despite their shortcomings. This is a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Are Lifetime Good Coolers?

The 55-quart Cooler from Lifetime, which customers have given five stars, is bigger than imagined. It performs better than rotomolded, which can cost hundreds of dollars. … Bottom line: This cooler is a great middle-ground option that doesn’t break the bank.

How Long Does A Lifetime Cooler Keep Ice?

The Lifetime cooler is backed by a 5-year warranty, 7-day ice retention, and 60 cans of ice. It will outperform the rest.

Do Ozark Trail Coolers Leak?

The outside of the Ozark Welded Cooler is resistant to water and punctures and has a 100% leak-proof seal. The EVA-molded ice cooler has a heavy-duty, waterproof base, a zippered pocket, and a shoulder strap with a shoulder pad that can be taken off.


Camp Zero is a durable container that can store food while camping. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. They are sturdy containers with high-quality insulation, so your perishables will be safe even when hot.

The lids on these coolers are made of tight seal plastic, making them easy to carry on your back or bike. This is a great product for anyone who loves to go camping!

Finally, thank you for reading this post and remember to visit Publican Anker to learn more useful information.

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