Yeti Cooler Vs Igloo 2023: What Is The Best For You

Yeti Cooler Vs Igloo 2023 What Is The Best For You
  • Paul Kahan

As summertime approaches, many people are looking for a cooler to keep their drinks cold. There are two popular brands of coolers: Yeti Cooler Vs Igloo. This blog post will review these features in detail so you can get the most out of your purchase!

An igloo is an affordable option with good ice retention. However, it does not come with wheels or a drain plug like the Tundra does. But, if you’re willing to pay more, it has better insulation and longevity than any other model.

Main Differences Between Yeti Cooler Vs Igloo

Main Differences Between Igloo Cooler vs. Yeti

Yeti and Igloo yet are the two best cooler brands that are pretty different from each other. Not just the price but there are many differences between Yeti vs Igloo to do not confuse which is better, Yeti or Igloo brand? Here we have listed some main yeti vs igloo coolers differences as Yeti Tundra Cooler Vs Igloo 2023.

Ice Retention

Yes, Yeti has 72-hour ice retention, and its main features are: the more relaxed size is 20 quarts. Yeti keeps ice-cold for up to 3 days. But Igloo cooler’s ice retention is tough competition for Tundra. It can beat Yeti in this area yet later in some other areas as well.


Igloo cooler price yet is a bit expensive than igloo coolers. For example, the ice chest is 50 qt, which is $650, and the ice chest 75, which is about 700 dollars, but the 100 cooler is around 900 dollars, making it expensive yet! But if you look at Igloo cooler’s prices, you will find that its products are in the budget range, tundra still durable.

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Product Design

In this area, the Igloo cooler comparison company did a good job of making the cooler look good and be easy to use. For example, the cooler has two tie-down loops to secure it to the car, an integrated drain plug, and a bottom basket for extra storage.

However, yeti coolers are yet just simple yet attractive yet cool tundra cooler reviews design. It is designed with two carry handles, a removable lid pad, and four tie-down slots to secure it in a vehicle.

The drain plug can be opened by unzipping it from the bottom of the cooler. This type of waterproof insulation doesn’t cause problems like bad taste or moldy products when the pressure is high.

Drain Plug

Both the stationary and transportable Igloo yetis have drain plugs. But the latter also features a flat surface on its top for easy one-handed use. However, Igloo coolers have a larger cooler’s flat surface and a yeti portable ice chest drain plug that is simple to use.

Tie Downs

Yet within the Igloo vs yeti showdown yet quart cooler tie-down is short so that it can be easily moved from one place to another, and igloo has designed their products with wider tie-downs hence perfect for vehicles.

Lid Hinge

Both Igloo vs Yeti is the perfect size and shape to support any of your favorite outdoor activities such as camping or hunting, but still, both lid hinges quart cooler hinge is so durable that you can be assured that they’ll stand the test of time.

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In this area, igloo coolers insulation is too good than yeti ice chest mini, especially in keeping frozen items frozen. It can hold temperature even on warm days, making it a fantastic product igloo vs Yeti!

The Yeti ice chest is roughly 1/2 inch higher but has several drawbacks, such as a non-draining freezer bottom. While Igloo coolers are 50 quarts, its 72 x 35 x 25 dimensions make a tall cooler that can hold even more ice!

Color/Logo Options

Yet, both Igloo vs Yeti come in different colors, sizes, and with different names, so they are good for a wide range of people and needs. Both Igloo and Yeti have many choices, from simple designs to unique designs that look like a professional made them.

Still, if we talk about the price, you will find that coolers logo designs are just on the budget range and easily customizable tags where while customizable tags designs are a bit high yet. However, Igloo coolers provide accessories to customize your brands, such as decals, stickers, etc.

Bear Resistance

Igloo vs yeti ice chest bear resistance is excellent, as it comes with a lockable leak-proof system. However, the yeti coolers seal plug does not have to be replaced regularly like the yeti ice chest has, where while Igloo coolers can work more than 500 times without changing its rubber gasket seal, which makes it an excellent product!

Build Quality and Durability

Yet both of the two products are designed with excellent, durable features such as polyethylene construction.

Hence you don’t have to worry about breaking them easily where yeti ice chest extra-thick cooling insulation provides ultimate durability for the internal space and a strong canvas for handles. What makes Igloo cooler vs Yeti even more reliable is that they come with a manufacturer’s warranty for at least five years!

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In this area yeti, ice chest portable comes out to be an excellent product with an outstanding warranty. Coverage of 1 year compared to coolers products which have limited coverage up to 3 months only.

If you want fully-featured yet Igloo deals, then go for Yeti heavy-duty cooler but if you are looking for cheaper options, go with Igloo coolers as their products will fulfill your needs on a budget!

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Yeti cooler is a better option if you look for products designed with high-end features and multiple customization options. In contrast, coolers can give you cheaper yet worthy options. Deciding which one to choose depends upon your needs, but I recommend going with coolers as they have more user reviews!

What makes Igloo cooler vs Yeti important is that it gives you full customer service from their headquarters in Wisconsin. If you come across any issues or concerns, you can quickly get in touch with them, while Yeti, like ice chest’s customer service team, is not available 24×7 due to its headquarters in Colorado.


What cooler is better than a yeti?

The Cooler is better than yeti coolers if you are looking for an affordable product but is not as durable as Yeti. Cooler can be seen as the best in its category, what would be your choice depending on your needs!

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Why is Yeti so expensive?

Yet since it has a great set of features and, according to my review, is the best product in its niche, it is priced accordingly where while Igloo portable ice chest has few limits but still comes at an affordable price.

How long does an Igloo cooler last?

Igloo coolers have robust thick insulation to withstand extreme weather conditions that last for more than 20 years!

Is Yeti going out of business?

As per the latest report, you have got the whole business back up and running, so you don’t have to worry about any quality product issues. Your choice depends on how much you trust them.


Which cooler is the best choice for your trip? Should it be a Yeti or an igloo? The answer depends on what you’re looking to accomplish with your purchase. Publican Anker offers many different options, so no matter which type of cooler you prefer, we can help!

If you want something reliable and durable enough to take on long trips in extreme conditions (think camping), then go with a Yeti.

If not, there are plenty of other cold-holding solutions out there, like ice chests and lunch boxes. Whether you decide to buy now or later doesn’t matter – don’t forget about our site when making your decision!

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