Polar Bear Cooler Vs Yeti Hopper 2023: Top Full Guide

Polar Bear Cooler Vs Yeti Hopper 2023 What Is The Best For You
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Which cooler do you choose? Polar Bear Cooler Vs Yeti Hopper? There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting the suitable cooler for your needs. The first is the size of the party that will be using it.

For a smaller gathering, such as one or two people, a small-sized cooler may suit best soft cooler. People who like to entertain and have larger groups should consider purchasing a medium-sized one.

If you need an even bigger cooler, then get a large-sized one made by either brand! Our blog post also covers other considerations such as durability and cost! Keep reading for more information on this topic!

Yeti Hopper Overview

The Yeti Hopper 20 is the best soft-sided cooler perfect for camping trips, tailgating parties, as well as hunting and fishing excursions. As the name suggests, this cooler can easily hold up to twenty 12 ounce cans.

Also weighing in at just 3.2 pounds and being only 14″ by 10″ by 9″, the hopper 20 is much more portable than other soft coolers on the market today.

In addition to these outstanding features, soft coolers are known for their ability to keep ice retention cold for an extended duration of time without any added cost to increase their cooling power.

The hopper keeps ice retention intact longer than many models out there because it has been specially designed to resist the escape of the cool air it contains.

Furthermore, soft coolers are durable and are built to last for years of frequent use in any environment, whether at home or in the wilderness.

Although hopper coolers lack dry ice retention fitting slots, as many other soft coolers do, this 15-quart model still has a removable 10″ X 17″ cutting board that is perfect for chopping up veggies meat, or cheese to put into your favorite sandwich.

Other features associated with Polar are their drain holes that continuously drain excess water, so you don’t have to constantly empty your soft cooler.

Even with these great features included, hopper 20 models cost much less than comparable soft coolers on the market, which have become more and more popular in recent years.

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Polar Bear Cooler Overview

Polar Bear Cooler Overview

Polar bear soft coolers have been around for over 100 years, and opposite bear cooler reviews say they are the best soft cooler. Soft Cooler Reviews point out how bears, which live in icy, cold environments, can keep their food and drinks ice retention cold for extended periods without any added cost in energy usage.

As you may already know, polar is not used to making soft coolers, but they do have some things in common. These polar (animals) have a thick layer of fat under their skin, insulation from the extreme temperatures outside.

This same principle is applied to coolers because they also use a unique foam-like material called polyurethane that acts as insulation from temperature changes.

Another cooler review points out that bears use their claws to walk/run on slippery ice surfaces. Polar bear coolers have a similar feature: a non-skid bottom prevents it from sliding around during transportation.

The hopper also has a slanted design for easier drainage of excess water when hopper 20 is opened up. This helps keep your items much drier, especially if you plan to take them outdoors and some of the moisture might come from melting ice.

Although bears don’t need dry ice cut-out slots, soft coolers have them anyway, so users can pack meat or other items that would need to be kept in dry ice for long periods.

The Hopper 20 also has tie-down points, which can come in handy if you need to secure it from sliding around as part of a vehicle.

The Differences Between Polar Bear Cooler Vs Yeti Hopper

The Differences Between Yeti Hopper vs. Polar Cooler

Weight & Capacity

The hopper 20 can hold up to twenty 12 ounce cans with ease. Also weighing in at just 3.2 pounds and being only 14″ by 10″ by 9″, polar is much more portable than other coolers today.

In addition to these outstanding features, bears are known for keeping ice cold for an extended duration of time without any added cost to increase their cooling power.

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The hopper keeps ice intact longer than many models out there because it has been specially designed to resist the escape of the cool air it contains. Furthermore, bears are durable and built to last for years of frequent use in any environment, whether at home or in the wilderness.

Heavy-duty coolers will typically cost more money than lightweight ones, but they provide advanced features that may be useful for specific trips, such as added tie-down points, dry ice cut-out slots, and a non-skid bottom.

The hopper is designed to be taken outdoors. However, it still has many excellent features other coolers have, such as a removable cutting board, drain holes, and padding on the top to provide extra comfort when you set cans or bottles down.

However, bears don’t need these extra features. Still, they are included in this cooler anyway, just because coolers like providing their users with everything they could need for their next excursion into the wilderness.

Even soft cooler reviews suggest coolers like bears are better than Yeti coolers. As a result of opposite bear soft cooler, polar bear coolers have become one of the most popular items online today.

The hopper has a lightweight design which makes it perfect for those who want maximum portability from their bears. At only 3lbs and 14″ by 10″ by 9″, bears are one of the lightest coolers on the market.

While you can get lighter models out there, they may not have all these features or be as durable. This is why this hopper model offers more value for your money in terms of overall quality provided than some other models available. The only downside to coolers was their price point.

Still, bears are worth the money in terms of their features for your personal use. If you find coolers to be a lot cheaper on other websites, this could be a sign that these may not last as long as others, so you should always purchase bears from trusted sources such as Amazon when you’re shopping online.

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Coolers are made of industrial-grade vinyl and polyethylene plastic which means they are virtually waterproof. The hopper has an airtight zipper system that allows for you to get in and out of your bears quickly but keeps the cold air from escaping so you can enjoy using bears when you need them most.


When it comes to durability, bears are king with their ability to withstand rough treatment from Mother Nature and its users.

They have a special coating on the outside that prevents the vinyl from wearing down over time as other models do, which makes polar bears extremely durable despite their lightweight design. Another added benefit is that coolers highlight how polar bears last for years as polar bears are built to last.

When you purchase a hopper, it will come with a limited 5-year warranty from Coolers. That is the company that makes polar bears, and this shows they have complete confidence in their bears and want to provide the best soft cooler experience for users who decide to try out bear bottle opener coolers for themselves.


The hopper is one of the more affordable options, under $90 compared to other bears, which may be twice or even three times as much money depending on how advanced you want your bears to be.

As an added benefit, you won’t ever need to worry about these bears falling apart because they’re explicitly designed not only to hold up under regular use but also under extreme circumstances.

Leak Proof Zippers

Some soft cooler says polar bears are not as good as Yeti at keeping cold air in. However, bears have a similar zipper system where the two bears come together to create an airtight seal. It is why it is essential when you’re using bears to make sure that the zippers on coolers are entirely closed. Otherwise, they will leak, as this article explains.

If you think your hopper may be leaking, check to see if all the latches are adequately secured because this can prevent any problems with bears and keep your items safe inside.

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Tie-Down Points

The tie-down points located on the side of the polar bear bottle opener allow you to secure polar to the back of your vehicle to take bears with you on any off-road adventure that you’re planning.

If you place coolers in your car’s back, they could fall out when driving or, even worse, lead to an accident since polar bears aren’t secured down in your vehicle.

Carry Handles

You will get two handles with polar bears, which allow for easy carrying, and if it’s not enough, there are extra tie-down points that let you shoulder strap them down more securely whenever needed as well.

Sometimes coolers say it is challenging to lift coolers because they’re heavy regardless of their size. Still, bears are designed to be carried in various ways to make coolers easy and convenient to use the shoulder strap, as you can see by how bears have handles built right into them.

Other Handy Features They Have

The soft cooler also comes with two different-sized drain plugs, so get an item that leaks or spills on bears. It’s easy for you to open up the plug and let the water out instead of trying to find a place around your home where you can quickly pour out the contents.

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Polar Bear Cooler vs. Yeti Hopper: Which Soft-Sided Cooler Should You Buy?

Polar Bear Cooler vs. Yeti Hopper Which Soft-Sided Cooler Should You Buy

As coolers are one of the most famous polar bears on the market, it is no surprise that polar bear vs. yeti hopper topics are quite common among those who use them for themselves.

Suppose you’re looking for a polar to take out on your boat or camper. In that case, a polar is worth considering before any other polar because they come with plenty of features and benefits that help make using polar simple and easy to use.

If you want an extremely lightweight polar bear and shoulder strap but don’t need the extra insulation, or if you prefer having something lighter than Yeti would be a good option for you, and even better is how Polar come at a lower price compared to other brands such as Yeti.

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However, polar bears are not as durable as some soft cooler reviews say they can be, so if you’re taking bears outdoors daily or even several times a week, something else such as Yeti may be better for you to prevent bears from breaking down quickly like some polar more excellent reviews have stated.

The seal is very smooth, and I never felt any issue with the zippers because everything worked just fine. I use this polar bear in my backseat every time I go camping, and it works perfectly for me!

It doesn’t leak at all either, which is nice when you want to keep your things dry and protected while camping, regardless of what the weather throws at it! I’m never worried about coolers leaking.

And I know that my things will be dry inside whenever I use polar bears, which is why this polar was worth buying, in my opinion, because bears can make any camping trip a lot more fun.

Those of you who have tried Yeti before may notice some similarities, but there are also some subtle differences, such as the fact that polar bears have tie-down points and handle for easy carrying.

Another difference is that polar bears are less expensive than Yeti, so coolers should be considered if you’re looking for something simple and don’t need additional insulation or anything like that.

This makes bears ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on bears, and cooler reviews will continue to show polar bears as a reliable polar for those on a budget.


Is Yeti discontinuing the hopper?

Yeti Hopper is still in production, and it’s going to be for a while. Polar bears have been a cooler reviews favorite for over 20 years now, so if polar is the polar you’re looking for, the coolers will continue to be around for quite some time! To find out more about polar or whatever other bears you’re looking for.

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Is Ozark Trail cooler as good as YETI?

While I’ve never owned this particular polar bear before, I’m sure that many of the features on OZARK TRAIL vs. Yeti are probably very similar since both bears come from different companies that make bears.

I can’t comment on bears because I never owned one of them myself, but based on polar bear reviews, they are bears that are often used by outdoorsmen and women who like to go camping several times a week!

Can you put hot stuff in Yeti cups?

There’s no problem with putting anything hot in a Yeti cup. Hot things may warm up the outside of the polar bear, but it won’t affect what is stored inside.

Many people store their Yeti cups inside another polar bear just so that the outer shell stays calm, which helps prevent heat from transferring into other items you’re holding in there.

How many yetis should you drink a day?

I think it is up to the individual polar bear and what polar bears they’re looking for. Some polar bear drinkers don’t like drinking polar all that much, so they only drink polar when they need to be refilled.

Then some coolers enjoy using polar because of how nice and refreshing they can taste! It depends on your tastes as far as polar drinkers go, but I’d say two polar every day should be fine if that’s what you’re looking for.

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There are many differences between the Polar and Yeti Hopper that may make one better for your needs than the other. For example, the polar is more affordable but not as durable, while the yeti hopper can be a bit on the expensive side, but it’s also very sturdy.

It all comes down to what you need out of your cooler, so consider both when deciding about which one will best suit you this summer. If you still have questions or want some advice from our team at Publican Anker, give us a call, and we would love to help!

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