Pelican Cooler Vs Yeti Cooler 2021: What Is The Best For You

Pelican Cooler Vs Yeti Cooler 2021 What Is The Best For You

If you’re in the market for a new cooler, you need to know two different types of coolers: Pelican Cooler Vs Yeti Cooler. These two products offer very different benefits, so it’s best if you know what each one offers before making your purchase.

Pelican coolers are designed with functionality in mind, while yeti coolers have been built from the ground up to keep food fresh longer. Depending on how often you plan on using your cooler, this can be an important factor when deciding which product is right for you.

Pelican Vs Yeti: What They Can Offer?

Pelican Vs Yeti What They Can Offer

A pelican cooler or a yeti cooler may not be the best thing to get for the money you have to spend.

Yeti coolers can cost up to a thousand bucks, and pelican coolers less than a hundred are hard to find.

In this pelican vs. yeti article, we will try our best to explain what kind of value pelican and yeti offer so that you can know better what they can offer.

Pelican Elite Coolers

We will start with pelican cooler as pelican has more to offer than yeti. Pelican coolers come in different capacities ranging from less than 20 quarts to over 150 quarts (150,130).

You can use pelicans for more than just keeping your food and drinks cold or hot. You can use pelicans to keep dry ice with you when traveling to get warm.

If you want your fish to catch fresh, put it inside pelicans before putting them into the water; they’ll stay fresh even longer this way. And if you plan on spending a long time away from home, pelicans are ideal for transporting sleeping bags and other camping items.

Pelican coolers come in different colors and styles. If pelican coolers are for something you need to carry along with you in your car, pelicans’ handles can be easily mounted on the pelican for easy carrying.

Yeti Coolers

Yeti coolers come in four different models that are 75, 90, 110, and 130 quarts. Many pelican cooler reviews insist that yeti coolers are worth it even if they cost a lot; pelican coolers compared to yeti are just like comparing apples to oranges (they’re just too different).

But pelicans’ advantages over yetis don’t stop there. Pelican coolers can offer you ice retention of 10 days, while Yeti only lasts seven days.

This is due to the number of air vents pelican has available than those of Yeti. This advantage isn’t as important for fish or meat is frozen before being packed into your pelicans, but this might be essential in keeping food and drinks cold inside pelicans when it’s hot outside.

Yeti coolers, however, are smaller than pelicans; yetis can stand on their own with the help of rubber legs that come out from underneath. This makes them easier to store and clean.

Main Differences Between Pelican vs. YETI

Both pelican and yeti have good points to offer, but pelicans are provided more value for your money. Pelican coolers cost less than yetis, while pelican offers better performance compared to Yeti.

Main Differences Between Pelican vs. YETI


If you’re looking for a cooler that will draw lots of attention everywhere you go, pelicans might be the thing you need. With their large size and big handles, pelicans can’t easily pass off as anything else but a cooler even in New York City or California. Pelican coolers come in many colors and styles (so do yeti).

They also come with unique features such as seats on the top of it; this is ideal if you want to camp out at the beach for a day or have pelicans for storing your fishing items.

On the other hand, Yeti coolers are not as appealing as pelican coolers because of their plainer designs. Yetis’ lids can be locked shut so that no one can peek inside without your permission; pelicans do not come with such features.

Yetis might be less eye-catching when compared to pelicans. Still, they’re designed to last longer than pelican coolers, and they are more comfortable to carry around if you prefer portability over showmanship.


Pelican vs. YETI: Warranty is where yeti takes pelican for a spin at its own game (trying to destroy pelican’s reputation). Yeti offers a 5-year warranty for pelican while pelican offers three years.

If you’re cautious enough, yetis’ longer warranty might be a plus in your pelicans vs. yeti comparison list because it’s much better to have something you can trust.

If the pelican offered the same kind of warranty as Yeti, the pelican would win against yeti; this is one area that pelicans need improvement on, and then they’ll get all my money!

Ice Retention

And here we are at the end of our pelican vs. yeti article. I think ice retention determines which product works best for you, especially when discussing pelican cooler vs. yeti cooler.

Pelican has less time than Yeti to keep your ice pelican cooler for sale because pelican has more air vents than Yeti. If pelicans are exposed to hot temperatures, pelicans’ rate of retaining ice is much higher; pelicans cost less, but they offer better performance than yeti when it comes to ice retention.

Yet, on the other hand, offers seven days of ice retention in -30 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you’re planning a fishing trip at this temperature range (joking), then Yetis would be an ideal cooler for you anyway pelican vs. yeti.

Even though pelican doesn’t have a longer time compared to Yetis’ 7 days, pelicans still give people the impression that it’s one big box with nothing important inside. Pelican is a more durable yeti cooler, and pelican’s ice retention time doesn’t matter if pelicans are used to store meat and other items.


What are the pros and cons of a pelican cooler?

  • Pros: Lightweight, durable, easy to clean.
  • Cons: Can’t fit as much food or drinks in it.

Is a pelican cooler as good as a Yeti?

Pelican vs. Yeti series pelicans is made to be equal to yetis. They are designed with the same features; pelicans just cost less than Yeti coolers pelican cooler for sale. If Pelican has an extended warranty and better ice retention rate compared to Yetic, then pelican is as good as Yetis; pelican is more durable, and it’s cheaper!

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Why are Pelican coolers so expensive?

Pelicans are made to be extremely durable. Pelican vs. Yetis pelican cooler for sale are designed to last longer than Yeti coolers, and the pelican is just the opposite of Yetis pelican, more expensive.

Pelicans cost more because pelicans have a hard shell that protects your ice; pelican is even water-resistant, which means pelicans will keep your stuff dry pelican cooler Walmart compared to Yetis (you need extra protection for this).

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How long will ice last in a pelican cooler?

Pelicans are pelican more than Yetis; pelicans will last up to 5-7 days in a pelican cooler when exposed at temperatures around -20C. Pelicans can even keep your food and drinks cool for two days if you’ve a pelican cooler stand placed under the sun. On the other hand, Yeti coolers only last one day if you place them under direct sunlight.

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Are yetis worth the money?

Yes! Yeti coolers offer an extra layer of protection for pelican coolers sales. Yeti is more durable than a pelican; pelicans vs. yeti cooler, pelicans, are less resistant to external damage. Pelican’s external shells crack easier compared to Yetis’.



In the end, it’s up to you to choose a cooler that best suits your needs. But with so many options available and information on hand, you can make an educated decision about what type of product will work for you.

We hope this article has cleared some things up for those who are still undecided between the two brands. Whether or not one is more expensive than another doesn’t mean they’re better – quality should be considered too!

With all of these points in mind, we encourage our readers to weigh their pros and cons before deciding which option may work best when purchasing a new pelican or yeti cooler.

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