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Kanga Cooler Review The Best Cooler for Your Next Adventure
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Many types of coolers are available on the market today. One type of cooler is the Kanga cooler review. This brand of cooler has been known for its unique shape and high-quality build.

The Kanga cooler 24 pack keeps the drink cool without the use of heavy cooling elements or chemicals. The Kanga can keep drinks cool for up to 5 days in warmer conditions.

Kanga Beer Cooler Reviews

Kanga Beer Cooler Reviews

Kanga range of coolers is called the Kanga and includes everything you need from a 6-pack up to a 30-pack. You can also choose from a wide range of colors, which includes the American flag. This is a great reason to be patriotic!

Let’s begin this Kanga iceless cooler review with a look at how it looks. This bag is incredibly stylish. We purchased a 12-pack for our sample. It was lightweight and portable.

The bag has a handle that allows for easy transport and a zipper to load and unload liquor. This bag is light enough to carry around to a party without feeling weighed down. You can also store valuables in the easily accessible stealth pocket.

It is excellent construction. They are strong and durable. The entire bag is made of a synthetic body and nylon where necessary.

The bag is durable and can withstand any weather conditions.

The bag’s interior is lined with three layers of polyurethane insulation. It does a great job keeping things cool.

It is very easy to use the bag. Get a cold beer.

Your drinks shouldn’t be iced since the bag doesn’t have ice. Let them chill in the fridge for a while before you pack them.

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Once the drinks have been poured, remove the case from the fridge and open the loading zip. Slide the Kase Mate onto your beer (now you know why the name Kase Mate is so popular). It was designed to slide onto the beer pack via its side. This is easy and convenient.

Once you have secured the beer in the bag, zip it, and you are good to go!

The stealth pocket can be used to store extra items, such as your keys and phone. You will need to place your items in the stealth pocket before you zip the bag up.

I get how the pocket is hidden and makes it an excellent stealth pocket. But this design error could have been better. I won’t want to find something I don’t often need in the pocket, so that I will unzip the bag more often.

Therefore, you need to keep things in your pocket that isn’t going to be pulled out often. That rules out your phone.

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Cold Retention Test

Without a test, no Kanga cooler review Reddit would be complete. We tested the bag for durability. We were surprised. The drinks stayed cold for 6 1/2 hours.

We had already finished our drinks at 5.5 hours, but they were still quite chilled. I think the bag could have kept them cold for six or more hours.

We couldn’t stop drinking for six hours. We love our beer.

The Kanga is amazing, as you can see. We love it!

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We have to admit that it is a niche product, with both advantages and disadvantages, making it useful in some contexts but not in others.


  • Kanga’s beer cooler can be taken anywhere. It is excellent for parties, picnics, and tailgates.
  • It takes 7 hours to cool down, which is remarkable considering it doesn’t use any ice.
  • The bag is very stylish. This bag is large enough to carry one hand and looks almost like a fancy large koozie. It was a great accessory that I received many compliments and second looks when I carried it around.
  • This gives you an alternative to filling your cooler with ice like you would with a traditional cooler. You also have the option to save space since traditional hard coolers take up much more space than the Kase Mate cooler.


  • This cooler is not the one you want to take camping. This cooler won’t keep cold for more than 7 hours, so it’s best to use at the party. It’s designed for a specific purpose, so you need a standard cooler for all other purposes.
  • Kase can only be used for beer. It is not suitable for food and can’t be used to carry lunch.
  • It could use more color options, despite the cool colors.
  • You can’t put anything in the stealth pocket that you don’t often use because of its position. It would have been easier to put it on the outside.

Best Lightweight Beer Case Cooler

Most people associate coolers with a boxy, rectangular-shaped cooler with a top. These coolers have many advantages but also drawbacks.

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The classic cooler needs ice which can then turn into slush and, if it isn’t emptied, can leave behind a bad odor that no one likes. They are cumbersome and difficult to transport.

If you think the same way, then we have the solution for you.

Introducing the Kanga Kase Mate

The Kanga Kase has a 3-layer insulation system that ensures your drinks stay cold for seven hours without the need to use ice. This cooler has the advantage that you can have a child beer in the middle Sahara Desert.

It is simple to use. Zip your favorite beer when you purchase it. You will feel the difference in having a chilled drink at your fingertips as cold as you had when you bought them.

The cooler is extremely light, and you won’t lose any extra weight. There is no need to grab water, and there is no need to carry the water. It’s always fun to bring a lighter-weight, stylish drink cooler to a party.

It is amazing in terms of build quality. The product can be taken in any direction, and all materials used are of high quality. Its webbed handle and unique beverage cooler straps make it stand out and look stylish.

Benefits of having a Kanga

Portability – The cooler can be easily carried to any beach party, game, picnic, or other event. Beverage coolers are primarily purchased for this reason. This product meets this criterion exceptionally well.

The Long Cooling Time – This cools your drinks for up to 6 hours. It is an excellent way to keep the party going. This cooler is better than any other on the market.

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Long cooling times are a huge advantage when you want to engage in long moments such as a football match or going to a BYOB party. This product is an excellent option for such events.

This cooler is stylish and comfortable. You can carry this beverage cooler in one hand without telling anybody. The main problem with other coolers is their ease of transport. Even expensive coolers can be pretty heavy and uncomfortable.

You can save space by keeping it small. You can even keep drinks and picnics inside the cooler for easy access at home.

It will save you the hassle of refilling. You will not feel any difference in your enjoyment. This is a common problem for most of these. It needs to be filled with fresh ice every so often to maintain the drink’s temperature.

Budget-Friendly – It is indeed budget-friendly in terms of price. It costs more to buy a quality drink cooler than it does when we go to the market. Prices start at $29 for 12 packs and 34$ for 24 packs.

There are four colors available for the casemate. There are four colors available: blue, navy, orange, and a combination of red and blue with a trendy pattern.

Its elegant look makes it easy to approach for anyone who sees it.

Best Alternatives to Kanga Beer Cooler

Best Alternatives to Kanga Beer Cooler

While we believe the Coolers are unique, we know there are similar products on the market, and we feel compelled to share them with you. These are the best that we could find.

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Childhood 6-pack beer cooler

The neoprene carrying tote is made from the same material as wetsuits for divers. It can keep cold beer bottles insulated for long periods.

You can also get a bottle opener with it so that you don’t need to keep one in your pocket or ask for one.

AROUY Can/Bottle Cooler

It is a golf cooler bag, as it was made to fit into a standard gold cooler. This bag is a mini-golf bag.

The bag features an ergonomic top handle for easy transport and a zipper on the side that allows you to insert beer cans. You can fit six beer cans and two wine bottles in this bag. You can also store valuables in the side pocket.

StowCo Portable Soft Cooler

This one was a great choice. It is a soft-cooling portable cooler that looks like a laptop bag. It’s essentially a tiny briefcase that you can store your wine and beer in.

It can hold six beer bottles, ten beer containers, and three wine bottles. They will stay chilled for approximately 5 hours, thanks to the closed-cell foam insulation. The style is my favorite part about this cooler. This alone is worth every penny.

If you are interested in Best coolers for money, please click this post: https://publicananker.com/best-cooler/


Did Kanga Coolers get a deal?

Mark Cuban invested $100,000 in a product that began as a class project at Clemson. The investment was broadcast on KAnga cooler Shark Tank on Sunday night.

On the show, Austin Maxwell, Teddy Giard, Logan LaMance, and Teddy Giard presented the Kanga, a koozie that holds a whole case of beer.

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Read on: https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2019/04/08/shark-tank-deal-mark-cuban-clemson-university-alumni-kanga-kase-mate/3398499002/.

Can you put ice in a Kanga?

Slide cardboard or cold case into the Kanga, and you’re good to go! Kanga’s 4-layer ChillLock Insulation system allows you to forget about ice and ensure that your drinks stay cold for as long as 7 hours.

Was Kanga Cooler on Shark Tank?

Kanga is a brand that makes soft insulated coolers for transporting and keeping beverages cold. Kangas can keep drinks cold for up to five hours without ice. Kanga was featured on Shark Tank Season 10 in March 2019.

Who started Kanga Coolers Amazon?

Logan LaMance

Kanga’s CEO and Founder, Logan LaMance, came up with the idea of the no-ice, keeping the container cooler. The Kase Mate, formerly known as “The Kase Koozie,” was created. However, this name lasted only a few seconds. Kanga was able to enjoy 30 seconds of fame in April 2019.


Kanga cooler net worth specializes in manufacturing high-quality coolers. They are located in the United States, with one of their products being the Kanga Innova.

The 45-quart Kanga Innova has adjustable shoulder straps, drain plugs, bungee cords for ice packs, a bottle opener, and an ice scoop. It looks nice and keeps things cold.

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