How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator: Top Full Guide 2023

How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator Top Full Guide 2023
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Suppose you use your refrigerator regularly and discover that the Maytag has failed. The first sentence is How To Reset Maytag Refrigerator. Experts say this is not a difficult problem. To solve the problem, however, you must understand the Maytag operation and its process.

Here is a list of steps to reset each Maytag part. Publican Anker is here to help you with your primary concern: resetting the Maytag. It won’t be unnecessary, we promise! These items can help you deal with all your problems.

How To Reset The Display Panel Of Your Maytag Refrigerator

How To Reset The Display Panel Of Your Maytag Refrigerator

You can reset the display panel at the front of your fridge by pressing any combination of these buttons. (Resetting the fridge will make it work again.

Option 1: For approximately 8 seconds, hold the ‘power save’ and the ‘lighting buttons simultaneously. The fridge will then reset itself and start working again.

Option 2: For approximately 10 seconds, press the ‘energy-saver and ‘lighting buttons simultaneously.

Option 3: For approximately 8 seconds, hold the freezer buttons simultaneously.

Option 4: For approximately 10 seconds, press the ‘power cool’ and ‘power freeze buttons simultaneously

Option 5: Press the ‘vacation” and ‘quick-freeze’ buttons simultaneously for approximately 8 seconds.

Option 6: For approximately 8-10 seconds, press the ‘vacation” and ‘power freeze buttons simultaneously

Option 7: For approximately 10 seconds, hold the ‘filter reset” and ice-type buttons simultaneously.

After power is restored after an outage, a fridge will automatically reboot. If you still haven’t reset your fridge due to a power cut, it’s time for professional assistance. The problem could be in the wiring.

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How To Reset A Maytag Refrigerator

Here are the steps you need to take to reset your Maytag refrigerator:

How To Reset A Maytag Refrigerator

Step 1: Find Program Code

Find your fridge’s program code on the plate to the right. It’s on the same plate as your fridge model and serial numbers.

Step 2: Press Door Alarm and Temperature Down Keys

Hold the control panel’s key that controls the refrigerator’s temperature by pressing the alarm button. Next, press the key that lowers the temperature of your freezer.

Step 3: Enter Programming Mode

Release the Door Alarm key after doing so. Give it a time of three seconds. The other button can be released. The display will flash ‘PE’ to indicate that the refrigerator is in programming mode.

Step 4: Confirm the Entry

This entry will be confirmed by pressing the key that lowers the freezer temperature.

Step 5: Check if the Code Is Correct

The display will now show you the exact code of your fridge that you have entered in step 1. This is a good sign. Hold the door alarm key down to exit the programming mode for 3 seconds. If the code displayed differs from the one in step 1, you could enter the correct code.

Step 6: Input the Correct Code

If you press the keys, you can change the numbers on the monitor to lower or raise the fridge/freezer temperature. When you press the up key to change the temperature of the fridge or freezer, the decimal point moves up. When you press the up key to see the temperature numbers, the decimal point moves down.

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When you press the up key to freezing temperature, it will move your decimal point to enter the first number. Next, press the up key for fridge temperature as many times as you need to enter the first digit.

If your code is 2420, you will see the decimal point at the first spot. Next, press the refrigerator temperature up key twice to display 2.

Step 7: Complete the Code

To move the decimal position to the second spot, press the freezer temperature up key four times more. To display 4, press the fridge temperature key four times.

Step 8: Exit Programming Mode

Press and hold the key to decrease the freezer temperature. This means that the code has been saved. To turn the fridge on, release the button and again press the button. Close the door of the fridge to exit the programming mode.

Notice: These steps must be completed after the control panel has changed.

After replacing the control board, you will need to reprogram or reset the fridge. This is how it looks. Need expert assistance? To speak to a certified appliance technician immediately, use the chatbox at the bottom of the page. There is no need to make costly in-home service calls. No appointment. There is no waiting.

These steps will reset your Maytag fridge’s compressor.

Step 1: Disconnect Power Cord

Find the power wire and pull it out of the wall plug. Let it sit for a few minutes without being plugged in.

Step 2: Turn Off Internal Controls

Open the fridge, and adjust the temperature control dials for the freezer or fridge to ‘0’ and ‘Off’ depending on your fridge type.

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Step 3: Connect Power Cord Again

Once you’re done, plug your fridge back into the power outlet.

Step 4: Set Controls

You can adjust the temperature control dials of your fridge and freezer to what you prefer. You will see numbers ranging from 0 through 9. It is a good idea to keep the dial at 5-6.

Step 5: Stabilize Temperature

To stabilize the temperature, allow the fridge to cool for 24 hours.

The compressor of your fridge has been reset.

If this reset does not work, you should call a professional to inspect it. The compressor could need to be replaced.

Maybe you need to know:

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Where Is a Maytag Fridge Freezer Reset Button?

There is no reset button on Maytag fridges. To reset any Maytag fridge model, you will need to use a combination of keys.

Where Is the Reset Code for a Maytag Refrigerator?

The reset code for Maytag refrigerators is not a code. There is, however, a code that can be used to program your refrigerator. It can be found on the right-hand plate of your fridge. This is the same plate that contains the serial number as well as the model number.

How do you reset a Maytag double-door refrigerator?

The front panel of your refrigerator will have a button marked “Filter”.

  • Click the button.
  • For three seconds, hold the button down. The status light will change to “GOOD” from “REPLACE”.
  • Press the button.
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How Do You Reset the Alarm on a Maytag Refrigerator?

How Do You Reset the Alarm on a Maytag Refrigerator

Unplug your Maytag refrigerator from the power socket to reset its alarm. It can be left unplugged for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The alarm will go off after this time and be set back to zero. This is known as a hard reset.

How to Reset a Maytag Refrigerator Front Panel?

To reset the front panel on a Maytag fridge, you can use any combination of these keys:

  • For approximately 8 seconds, simultaneously hold down the power save and lighting buttons.
  • Hold the buttons red/freezer for approximately 8 seconds.
  • For 8 seconds, hold the vacation and quick-freeze buttons simultaneously for
  • For 10 seconds, simultaneously hold down the buttons for ‘filter reset’ or ‘ice type’.
  • For 10 seconds, press the buttons for energy save’ or ‘lighting’ simultaneously.
  • For 8-10 seconds, hold down the power cool’ button and power freeze’ button together.
  • For 8-10 seconds, press the “vacation” and “power freeze” buttons on your fridge.
  • Any of the above can reset your refrigerator’s front panel.

What is the first thing to check when a refrigerator stops working?

First, check the breaker in your electrical panel. This is the circuit that supplies the fridge.

How Do I Reset the Change Filter Light on My Maytag Fridge?

Tap on the light or lock keys to reset the change filter light of your Maytag fridge. Some models may not have the light key, so you can use the water’ and the lock’ keys. The change filter light will blink after about three seconds. This indicates that the device has been reset.

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This is only after you have replaced your water filter.

How do you fix a Maytag refrigerator that is not cooling?

The Refrigerator isn’t cooling or is too warm:

  • Set the temperature.
  • Make sure to check the settings.
  • Verify that vents are open.
  • Make sure that the ice maker has been turned on.
  • Verify that the water line is not kinked.
  • Check that water shut-off valves remain fully open.
  • Check that the door is properly sealed.
  • Clean the gasket on the door.


Maytag refrigerators are an essential part of the 4.0 technology era. Modern refrigerators look more elegant and are easier to use. Imagine a fridge with an entire range of induction water bottles.

It is also not difficult to reset it once you have learned the basics. Publican Anker has provided all the best and fastest reset methods.

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