How To Reset Samsung Refrigerator Top Full Guide 2023

How To Reset Samsung Refrigerator Top Full Guide 2023
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Resetting the refrigerator is one of the most effective ways to get it to work. How To Reset Samsung Refrigerator quickly and safely? Publican Anker will provide you with the best reset tips in every forum.

To improve the effectiveness of the reset, please read the Samsung refrigerator’s operation manual carefully. We wish you success.

Why Do Samsung Refrigerators Need a Reset?

Why Do Refrigerators Need a Reset

Computer bugs can infect everything that has computer chips. The more parts that can freeze, the smarter your fridge is.

Sometimes programs can get stuck in loops. Programs can become stuck if they are given too many commands, conflicting commands, or unintelligible commands. The program becomes confused and ceases responding to any commands.

This problem can appear as a Blue Screen of Death on your computer. It can look like a blinking control panel display reset, unresponsive ice maker, or black touch screen in your fridge.

This is an easy solution. This will close the program that is having trouble and allow it to restart. You can resume normal operations as long as the problem is temporary.

How To Reset Samsung Refrigerators?

Samsung french door refrigerator door is some of the most intelligent appliances on the market.

You will find great features like a touch fridge and freezer buttons and digital displays that allow for smarter living.

Samsung french door refrigerator door is some of the most intelligent appliances on the market. You will find great features like a touch fridge and freezer buttons and digital displays that allow for smarter living.

Sometimes, you will need to reset your Samsung fridge filter.

We will talk about all the possible reasons for this.

There are two ways to reset your Samsung refrigerator models. You can turn off the power outage breaker for 2 minutes, then turn it on. You can also reset switch the refrigerator main control panel board by pressing and holding the power freeze buttons simultaneously or POWER COOL button until you hear a click.

Method 1 (not always works, but try)

If your Samsung fridge doesn’t work properly and you feel it might need a reset, please follow these steps to do so:

Please turn off the refrigerator main control board, unplug it from the wall and turn the breaker OFF.

The next step is to wait between 10-15 minutes before you can restore the power outage.

This allows your reset Samsung fridge control panel to restart during this downtime.

It should be completely reset after you have plugged it in and turned the power outage back on. If this does not work, please let us know.

Method 2

Depending on your Samsung fridge model, you may need to press two buttons to reset your Samsung refrigerator model. If you push two buttons simultaneously, there won’t be any sound. Stop and restart if you hear it.

Hold the buttons together until they flash at least 2 or 3 times. If the Samsung fridge fan’s error codes are present, you can read them by following this procedure.

After a few minutes of continuous beeping, the fridge will reset your samsung refrigerator and return to normal operation.

How To Reset Samsung Fridge Filter Indicator

Are you annoyed by the constant reminders from your French door Samsung refrigerator to change your water filter? Regularly changing the water filter will ensure that you have clean, fresh water at all times.

The filters should be replaced every six months or as often as you drink water. You will notice a change in the indicator light to indicate when you should change it.

The color options will vary depending upon the model, but red is always the final stage.

Once you have purchased a water filter indicator and changed it, press the following buttons (check the owner’s manual). Hold the button for 3 to 5 seconds to turn the water filter on.

  • Alarm button
  • Ice maker/WATER

You will need to locate the reset switch. This is usually underneath the ice maker, past the front cover. Simply press and hold this button until you hear the ice tray motor kick on. Close the freezer door and then wait up to 24-hours for operations to return to normal. 

Tips for Resetting Any Samsung Refrigerator

Tips for Resetting Any Samsung Refrigerator

You can reset your fridge with a few simple steps. There are a few options that you can use to reset your Samsung refrigerator.

Press and Hold Buttons

You can hold the “power freeze” and “power cool” buttons simultaneously for five seconds for most Samsung model. These buttons are found on all Samsung refrigerators. The fridge will reset your Samsung refrigerator if you hold both buttons simultaneously for several seconds.

Reset switches are also available on some fridges. A small control panel can be found on the top of your fridge door. You will find a blue reset button or reset switch labeled “reset” underneath the refrigerator french door. Pressing this button or flipping it will reset all Samsung refrigerators that have this feature. You can continue to the next step if nothing happens.

If your Samsung refrigerator is stuck in Demo mode, you’ll need to reset it. The way you do this depends on how old the fridge is.

However, keep in mind that not all codes signify an error code with your fridge. In this case, it is useful to hold off on resetting and examine the codes. “OF OF” or “OFF” is Cooling Off mode (also known as Demo mode). Your fridge does not need to be reset for this; you can just turn off Demo mode.  

Check for Error Codes

If the buttons don’t work, it’s time for you to investigate. You should check the temperature display panel for errors codes. You can find the correct way to reset your fridge by looking up the error code.

In most cases, smart fridges can diagnose their problems automatically. Samsung’s error codes messages database can help you find the problem if you see an error code.

The Hard Reset

The hard reset is a universally applicable technology. It’s possible to turn off time for almost everything that has a computer chip. This is also true for fridges.

A hard reset can fix almost everything that a soft reset cannot. Be careful as this could sometimes cause your settings to be lost. Before you attempt a hard reset, make sure you back up any saved schedules to your fridge.

Turn off your fridge. Press and hold the power button on the fridge until it turns off.

Unplug your fridge. Grab the outlet and pull it out of the wall. It is important to cut off the electrical supply so that it does not get turned off.

Give it at least ten minutes. Waiting for the fridge to cool down can help it.

Turn the fridge on again by plugging it in. Your fridge should work in 90% of cases!

After the Reset

Most cases will resolve their problem with one of these reset options. It is important to double-check.

After your fridge has started to run again, you should continue to monitor it over the next few days. You want to make sure your fridge normally runs without any temperature display fluctuations or error code messages. You are good to go if everything is working normally.

Contact a professional if you are still concerned about your fridge. It is better to repair a problem quickly than to replace your fridge because it was damaged.

Maybe You Need To Know:


How do I reset my Samsung double-door refrigerator?

You can hold the “power freeze” and “power cool” buttons simultaneously for five seconds for most Samsung logo. These buttons are found on all Samsung models. The fridge will reset if you hold both buttons simultaneously for several seconds. Some fridges have reset switches.

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Does a Samsung refrigerator have a reset button?

On a Samsung refrigerator, the reset button is located on the interior side. It can be found either behind the ice bucket or on the control panel.


How do I fix my Samsung refrigerator not cooling function?

  • Check the power first. We know, we are sure.
  • Take out anything that might block the air vents.
  • Take a look at the thermostat.
  • Vacuum the coils.
  • Make sure the seal is on the doors.
  • Puls can provide top-quality Samsung refrigerator repairs.

Let’s find out why my refrigerator is not working through our article below.

Why is my Samsung refrigerator not working?

Ice maker buildup on the Samsung freezers is a common problem. This happens when warm air passes through cold evaporator coils. The air first condenses and then freezes on the coils. This causes the coils to the ice bucket and will prevent the defrost cycle from addressing this problem.


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