Bertazzoni Refrigerator Review 2023: Best Information For You

Bertazzoni Refrigerator Review 2023 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

The Bertazzoni refrigerator review will cover the best kitchen appliances to buy and where to buy them. It will give the pros and cons of these products and offer alternative recommendations for various budgets.

The Bertazzoni refrigerator will go over the best appliances to buy and where to buy them. It will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of these products and offer alternatives for various budgets.

Sometimes it seems complicated to choose which new appliance to buy. With so many different features, sizes, colors, models, and prices, it’s tempting to look for the cheapest deal.

However, saving a few dollars today can wind up costing you in the long run if the purchase doesn’t work out. If the rumors are true, the Bertazzoni french door refrigerator could be the best refrigerator and freezer compartments enables optimization you’ll find.

Bertazzoni REF90X Review

Bertazzoni REF90X Review


  • Beautiful build quality and good looks
  • Flexible fridge storage
  • Excellent LED fridge lighting
  • Stable temperatures
  • Enormous door pockets


  • At 43dB, it is a little loud.
  • Ineffective freezer lighting

What is the Bertazzoni REF90X?

Bertazzoni products are characterized by their Italian flair for design and long history in engineering. The Bertazzoni ReF90X four-door fridge freezer is a perfect example. It is an excellent combination of style and practicality thanks to its huge fridge freezer capacity of 400 liters, flexible furniture, and rich stainless-steel finish.

The split-shelf design of the fridge and the additional shallow drawer make it highly versatile. The REF90X is very reliable, maintains temperatures well, and doesn’t cost much to operate.

The four-door is not the quietest, and the glass door pockets may be too large. The Bertazzoni, however, is the most practical and stylish Italian kitchen appliance since Gino D’Acampo.

The REF90X four-door refrigerator freezer is A+ rated and ticks all premium appliance boxes. It is frost-free and has digital controls. Dual, circulated air cooling allows for even temperatures.

The bold handles, the stainless-steel doors, and the chunky build make the REF90X a striking addition to the kitchen. The handles come in three styles so that the REF90X can look modern, rustic, or professional. This design works well with all Bertazzoni appliances. However, the bold style can be used on its own.

However, the luxury finish has its drawbacks. The fingerprint magnet nature of stainless steel can be a problem. Although the bold stainless steel handles can be used to avoid touching the main surface of the item, it is best to have a polishing cloth on hand for households with children.

Even when the door pockets are complete, the upper doors open with a firm tug. To ensure that there is no sticking or suction, a turnover bar is heated between the doors. Large roller bearing runners allow the separate freezer drawers to slide out easily on their lower sides. They glide in and out of the two separate freezer drawers even when full.

What is the Bertazzoni REF90X

The Bertazzoni’s interior has a luxurious feel. The full-width refrigerator has vivid LED lighting from both the top and sides. This ensures that every corner is lit. The temperature and control custom panels are mounted on a stainless-steel panel with a nifty Bertazzoni badge.

Four adjustable glass shelves with lugged supports break the mold of most four-door refrigerator compartments. Although the slotted rails at its rear look more industrial/garden shed-like, they are brilliant when in use.

Each shelf can be lifted out and reattached to the support rail quickly. The tempered glass shelves are super easy to take out for cleaning, and the split left/right shelves to provide unrivaled storage flexibility.

Two good-sized vegetable bins are included with each package. Each has a humidity control slider. Large flat storage closed compartment is below that, with a full-width lid that flips up as it is pulled forward. All three drawers are quickly rolled out on wheels, thanks to the runners.

The door pocket arrangement is symmetrical and provides a lot of space. The main four doors have enough space to hold six-pint plastic milk bottles. They are US-styled gallon and juice cartons. Two flip-top containers at the top can keep large families in dairy for a while. The lower door pockets are great for smaller items. A special folding shelf allows storage for tall items.

The freezer drawers have dividers, manual-fill Ice Makers, and a small scoop. The LEDs in the ceiling of each drawer light up the freezer compartment. This works well for the upper drawer if it is half-pulled out, but not when it is fully open door alarm.

Although the light does not illuminate the lower drawer, it strangely back-lights the freezer compartment.

How much can you fit in?

The REF90X measures in at a little over 91cm in width and 177cm high. It is a large, four-door appliance. The depth of the REF90X is more than 78cm, which further enhances its capacity. This gives the fridge 120 liters freezer space and 412 liters capacity.

However, these doors will protrude 18cm above a 60cm thick UK worktop. It all contributes to Bertazzoni’s focal point effect.

The fridge’s storage capacity is amazing. Split-shelf shelving allows for a wide range of shelf options, which is something that four-door models can’t match. Independent humidity controls allow for dual salad bins. Both plastic-fronted bins can be pulled out completely to make a worktop rummage.

It is beneficial because the lower drawer has a three-position separator. This drawer is ideal for small containers of cheese, cold meats, and bacon. It also allows you to store more oversized items in the fridge space above.

The main four door pockets are enormous. Their shape means that they can only hold two 4-pint milk cartons, each with a gap at the front and sides. While you could put other items inside to fill the gaps, it can make accessing your milk a little more complicated.

It is still a mystery why the right-hand side door only offers one door-bin position. Regardless, it isn’t possible to store tall bottles in both the upper and lower bins at once. Although the door bin size and shape are not a problem, we feel there is much storage space here.

The two flip-over milk compartments at the top are a great feature. These compartments are large enough to hold a wide range of dairy products and are easy to access. Two small trays are located below the primary door bins.

They have been truncated halfway to allow the lower drawer to be opened. This made it perfect for small items like tubes of tomato paste, garlic paste, and perhaps a bar of chocolate.

The top freezer drawer has a more comprehensive, shallower bin full-width and comes with a divider in two positions. The divider attaches the ice cube maker and ice storage container. The trays are filled with a plastic jug that can be twisted to release the automatic ice maker into the container below.

This Bertazzoni refrigerator space includes adjustable shelves, drawers perfect for produce and deli meat, and several gallon-sized storage bins in both doors that can hold any pitcher or several water bottles .

The first of the two freezer drawers include an automatic ice maker with a removable tray that can produce 2.8 pounds of ice every 24 hours. If you still are unsure that this four-door fridge is right for you, check out our refrigerator sizing & buying guide.

This little ice scoop saves your fingers from frosty hands. When empty, the inner liner can be removed for cleaning but will not move when complete.

Deep freezer drawers are large enough to hold a turkey but still have room for bulk bags of sprouts. The dc inverter compressor makes it very small from the front, but a three-position divider will help you keep things in order. Clips hold the liner in place and can be removed for cleaning.

A plastic trim piece is located at the front spill-proof edges folding of each drawer. This helps to avoid scratching your stainless steel while getting things in and out. Both drawers were fitted with roller mechanisms that worked flawlessly.

Despite being 120 liters, the freezer’s capacity isn’t quite as impressive as its exterior dimensions would suggest. This freezer can hold 15-20 liters more than similar-sized four-door models.

How noisy is it?

It has been a while since we have seen 45dB on a premium refrigerator freezer energy label. Although it’s still relatively quiet in the kitchen, the REF90X refrigerator is very noisy.

The compressor can be turned on, and you can hear the luxury four-door running – but not at the 45dB label. The average reading was 43dB. This is just a few decibels higher than the quietest refrigerators. The REF90X isn’t silent, but it does make a pleasant hum with no clicks, pops, or clunks. It isn’t overly noticeable.

How well does it perform?

It took over 400 liters worth of fridge space to fill the REF90X. The fridge was loaded to its standard 0.5kg/10-liter capacity. We ended up with more than 20kg of produce. 12kg of frozen food were taken by the freezer (@1kg/10 L), and a 2-liter container of room temperature water was added to check freeze and defrost times.

The fridge was set to 4oC and the freezer at -18oC. The REF90X was kept at 18-19oC in an environment chamber. Doors were opened approximately half a dozen times per day.

A premium A+-rated appliance can cool quickly, set temperatures accurately, and maintain a high level of temperature stability. The average fridge temperature ranged between 5oC at its top and 1oC in its bottom drawer. The lowest shelf temperature was 3oC, and both salad crispers were kept at 2.5oC. We could not ask for anything better.

The compressor cycle had good stability, with the temperature-controlled crisper of the top shelf fluctuating most at +/– 2oC. Still, the lower half of the fridge was much more stable. The average temperature of the drawers varied by just one degree. This is a remarkable set of results. Large fridges are not as accurate or consistent in separate temperature control.

How well does it perform

The freezer was nearly as impressive, and it is very efficient for drawer freezers where air circulates freely. The drawers reached a temperature of -19oC, with an average fluctuation of 3oC. Our water sample was frozen down in a matter of 18 hours. Over three weeks, there was no temperature variation in any of the compartments.

In the event of power outages, the Bertazzoni fridge will not let you down. Because of the excellent insulation, air temperatures in both freezer drawers only dropped to -10oC after three hours without power.

The temperature of the frozen food sample was only a few degrees lower than that. The REF90X passed our three-hour fail to test and could comfortably keep frozen food fresh for over 12 hours with no power.

This is a great set of technical results that proves the REF90X is more than a pretty face.

How much will it cost to run?

The Bertazzoni’s super-large capacity means that it will not cost as much to run as a 60cm-wide fridge freezer. However, it isn’t terrible. It used just 25kWh of electricity over the three weeks.

That would give you around 435kW if extrapolated over a year. This compares to the 409kWh stated by the energy label. The REF90X will run at the cost of around PS65 annually, at the current UK rate of 15p/kWh.

This isn’t necessarily the most expensive big-capacity freezer, but it’s not the least expensive. This freezer is comfortably A+ rated, and given its large capacity, it scores well in terms of cost per liter of freezing or cooling space.

Why buy the Bertazzoni REF90X?

Bertazzoni’s stunning REF90X is stylish, well-built, versatile, and offers very high technical performance.

The chiller’s capacity and flexible storage make it a great space for keeping cold, even though the door pockets may not be big enough for bottles of UK size. The Interior lighting is excellent. The two-drawer freezer, by comparison, is relatively compact, and the lighting is very inefficient. The freezer’s freezing and failure-test performance are outstanding, and the ice cube maker is an excellent addition.

The overall running cost is comparable to its A+ energy rating and capacity. The REF90X is a four-door refrigerator freezer that will be the center of your kitchen. Bellissimo.

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Where are bertazzoni refrigerators made?


Bertazzoni, a family-owned business based in Italy, is a 134-year-old company that produces ranges, ovens, cooktops, and ventilation systems.

Do bertazzoni refrigerators have water dispensers?

Bertazzoni 36 Inch French Door Water Dispenser: No Refrigeration.

Are Bertazzoni ovens noisy?

These are immediately noticeable when the oven is turned on. Although it is not louder than a microwave oven or range hood, you will hear it in the kitchen.


Choosing a refrigerator for your kitchen is a daunting task. There are so many different sizes, colors, features, and prices to choose from.

This post will help you narrow down the search for your new refrigerator by discussing the top Bertazzoni refrigerators on the market. After reading this post, we make sure that you can find the best Bertazzoni refrigerator.

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